Featured: Cow Skull Sconce

I love structure.  And I don't mean I like organization; I mean structure as in bones, columns, beams.  The posts of a tent.  The two by fours of a wall.   A skeleton.  The veins of a leaf; the hair of a fox; the features of a skull.   Structure is at first glance ordinary; it just is.  But it is the normal and ordinary that is beautiful simplicity.  Skulls are transparent – nothing more than what they are – the hard shell that holds the space for the brain and establishes the framework on which the skin is stretched.  

I love light.  Light can be harsh and cold or warm and inviting. It can be directed for working, or soft, as an accent.  Light provides our ability to perceive space.  It too is transparent and simple.  Light and structure go hand in hand, and I love the exploration of the structure of the ordinary in nature, such as a cow skull, combined with the establishment of light.  A cow skull, with light, in the form of a sconce, is a cow skullnce.